YBhg. Datin Dorph Peng Wen Yin

YBhg. Datin Dorph Peng Wen Yin
National Deputy President
SME Association of Malaysia

Datin Dorph Peng is newly elected National Deputy President of SME Association of Malaysia. She is also the founder and Managing Director of Green Wellness Malaysia since 2012, bringing with her an IT degree from Monash University Australia, and MBA e-business from Malaysian Institute of Management and Maastricht School of Management, the Netherlands, where she was accorded the best overall performance award. Green Wellness is an importer, distributor and e-commerce platform for healthy and wellness products. Prior to that, Datin Dorph Peng was also the founder and Director of BSMART TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD that focused on R&D & commercialisation of Malaysia made GPS devices targeting logistics industry.

Datin Peng was the winner of 2004 Malaysia SMI Women Entrepreneur Award, 2005 Asia Pacific e-Entrepreneur Excellence Award and 2005 Intellectual Women Entrepreneur Award.

As a social contributor, Datin Peng has also actively volunteered in numerous Non-Governmental Organisations and Societies.
• PR & Communication Bureau Chairman, SME Association of Malaysia 2005-2008
• Treasurer, Women SME Association of Malaysia 2006-2008
• Assistant Treasurer, SME Association of Malaysia 2008-2011
• Vice President, Malaysian Chinese Women Entrepreneurs Foundation during its founding year in 2011
• Past Contributor of articles for The Edge and Nanyang Siang Pau Chinese publication
• National Secretary General, SME Association of Malaysian 2012-2014
• National Deputy President, SME Association of Malaysia 2021-2024

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