Patrick Cooke

Patrick Cooke
Managing Editor for Middle East and Asia
Oxford Business Group

As OBG’s Managing Editor for the Middle East and Asia, Patrick oversees research and production of the group’s broad suite of business intelligence products across the dynamic and varied markets of the Gulf and Asia-Pacific. At the same time, he is instrumental in developing new content ideas and features that reflect the dynamism in high-potential markets across these regions and the growing appetite for actionable intelligence and advisory services on the opportunities within.

A graduate in Political Studies from the University of Leeds, Patrick was an award-winning national newsroom journalist before gravitating towards business writing and economic research on emerging markets. Having gained valuable experience across four continents, Patrick has conducted insightful interviews with an array of presidents, senior ministers, central bankers and top executives on the pertinent issues facing their markets, as well as being a regular speaker, moderator and panelist at international events and a contributor to regional newspapers.

His personal research interests include inclusive growth, the future of work, the rise of China and its impact on global trade dynamics and investment.

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