Foong Chee Mun

Foong Chee Mun, Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder of MoneyLion Inc

Foong Chee Mun is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of MoneyLion Inc, a leading digital bank based in the United States. He has been named as one of the top 25 FinTech CTOs of 2020 by The Financial Technology Report.MoneyLion Inc

He runs MoneyLion’s Malaysia office (based in Kuala Lumpur), which serves as the company’s technology and artificial intelligence hub. As its Co-Founder, he personally led and oversaw MoneyLion’s growth from its initial foray into digital underwriting and lending, to its current entry into the world of digital personal banking. 

Prior to co-founding MoneyLion, he was a founding member of Simulex Inc, a boutique research firm specializing in artificial intelligence and advanced analytics for predicting human behavior for various branches of the US Department of Defense and Fortune 500 companies. He graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree from Purdue University.

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