#workXhealth: Work-Life Wellness in the 21st Century

Themed Work-Life Wellness in the 21st Century, #workXhealth organised by Star Media Group is a live virtual forum dedicated to address modern-day health issues in regards to burnout tendency among the workforce of the 21st century that is higher than ever, especially in this profound era of IR 4.0 with its unavoidable workplace pressure due to demands of the contemporary work environment and life expectations.

Throughout this live virtual forum, we want to initiate conversations on the pursuit of work-life optimisation by covering well-being topics in three areas;


As working adults, we undeniably spend all our waking hours being heavily concentrated in what we do, to the point we are often unaware or misinformed regarding the latest, rising health concerns. With #workXhealth, we want to shed light on the implications of new-age health issues while learning to embrace & adopt the best work-life practices & health innovations.

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Day 1
Day 2 Session 1
Day 2 Session 2