YBhg. Datuk Dr. Mohd Yusoff Sulaiman

YBhg. Datuk Dr. Mohd Yusoff Sulaiman
President & Chief Executive Officer
Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT)

Being the President and CEO, Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) is a premier partnership organisation in Malaysia and a powerhouse for futures thinking and knowledge advancement. MIGHT’s motto is “Together, we make it happen”.

He aspires to elevate MIGHT as a highly connected and extensively networked organisation with centres of excellence around the globe. His current interest is in developing a framework for marketing of national aspirations and the high technology industry agenda.

In his efforts to increase business and technology opportunities for the local rail industry, he was elected as President, Malaysia Rail Industry Corporation (MARIC). He sits on the Board of several technology-related Government-link companies involved in renewable energy, technology park, aerospace, automotive, and technology financing; and a science park organisation under UNESCO.

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