The Star SME Thought Leadership is Star Media Group together with CIMB’s latest initiative to help small and medium enterprises capitalise on various tools in order to thrive and remain competitive through a series of inspirational talks, broad panel discussions...
  • October 17, 2019
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Join us for a StarLIVE talk to learn everything you need to know about breast reconstruction surgery for breast cancer patients. Gain insights on the types of options available, the safety of the procedure, and what to expect if you...
  • August 28, 2019
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The future is here – unlock you business’ full programmatic potential! About this Event As the advertising landscape becomes more complex, marketers are re-evaluating and looking towards technology to solve challenges on how they create, buy, and activate their campaigns,...
  • August 20, 2019
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The Asia Leadership Forum is where the realities & contradictions of the region are seen through the lens of leading-edge Harvard thought leadership and its practice. It is where leaders come together to clarify their values, their True north in...
  • April 11, 2019
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Join us for a StarLIVE talk with VISTA Eye Specialist to discover how you can enjoy uninterrupted lifestyles and treasured moments with loved ones with clear vision. With age, our vision deteriorates. According to the 9th report of the National...
  • November 8, 2018
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  In this digital age, Programmatic marketing is seen as the future of advertising on the web. In Asia Pacific, programmatic is no longer a buzzword but a media shift that needs to be understood and successfully deployed by all...
  • August 9, 2018
Read More together with Iconix Talent Network presents our Annual HR Conference, Talent Summit 2018, Future of Talent Management.  Kindly go to for more information! 
  • July 30, 2018
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  Recognising the cause of bullying helps us understand why it happens and devise strategies to counter this social issue. As part of the #StandTogether campaign, join us for StarLIVE and become part of the kindness revolution. Speakers: Arwind Kumar,...
  • April 19, 2018
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Finance Transformation & Shared Services Conference Star Media Group Berhad in partnership with AGOS Asia is organising the Finance Transformation & Shared Services Conference in April 2018. The aim of the conference is to promote best practices Finance learning across...
  • March 14, 2018
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Approximately 84% of Malaysian children experience some form of bullying before they turn 18. Some of those who manage to escape it do so by either fighting back, entering gangs for protection, or becoming bullies themselves. We are committed to...
  • March 13, 2018
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