StarLIVE: Robotics Technology – The Latest Approach to Cataract Surgery

Join us for a StarLIVE talk with VISTA Eye Specialist to discover how you can enjoy uninterrupted lifestyles and treasured moments with loved ones with clear vision.

With age, our vision deteriorates. According to the 9th report of the National Eye Database 2015, the average age that Malaysians will have cataract is 66 years. Cataract can hamper our lives and curb our movement. If left untreated, it can damage our eyes and cause permanent blindness.

Unfortunately, myths about cataract surgery has made many people fearful and they decide not to proceed with surgery or end up delaying it! With advanced medical technology, cataract surgery has today evolved to eliminate stitches, discomforts and lengthy recovery. The FDA-approved Robotics No-Blade Cataract Surgery (also known as Femtosecond Laser assisted Cataract Surgery) has replaced the use of the traditional hand-held surgical blade.

Cataract surgery today is safer, painless, minimises risks and offers quicker recovery.

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