Generative AI for Leaders

Unveil the future of Artificial Intelligence with ChatGPT4, CLAUDE3 and Gemini, multi-modal marvels that redefine what’s possible. Over this dynamic one-day course, delve into an AI that sees, hears, speaks. With the ability to create custom GPTs to share revenue, the realm of creativity and productivity is boundless. From generating high-resolution graphics to personalized AI experiences, every aspect is a step towards unparalleled innovation. Discover the art of the possible with Generative AI, where every interaction is a leap towards the extraordinary.

Deep dive into Generative AI to transform your business. Key learnings:

✅ Unleash Your Creative Genius with AI : Discover the limitless potential of Generative AI to revolutionise your business processes in just one day. From crafting documents at lightning speed to creating stunning, high-resolution graphics and personalised AI experiences, master the skills to bring your creative visions to life with the power of ChatGPT4, CLAUDE3 and Gemini.

Transform Data into Decision : Deep dive into the world of advanced data analysis with LLM models, turning complex information into insightful, strategic decisions.

✅ Shape the Future of Your Industry : Engage in hands-on workshops and real-world project experiences that will not only enhance your understanding of generative AI’s capabilities but also empower you to apply these transformative technologies directly to your business.

Speaker details: Peter Ong (Enterprise AI & Sales Trainer)

Peter emerged as a trailblazing figure in Generative AI training in 2023, particularly within the Asia-Pacific (AP) region. His groundbreaking work and innovative approaches propelled him to the forefront of AI development, garnering recognition for his contributions to advancing the field. Through tireless dedication and expertise, Peter’s pioneering efforts significantly influenced the trajectory of Generative AI research and application in the AP region, leaving a lasting impact on the landscape of artificial intelligence.

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