Generative AI for HR Professionals

Embark on a transformative two-day journey exploring the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Resources. Dive into the world of ChatGPT, a generative AI, and unravel its capabilities that are set to redefine the future of HR practices.

Deep dive into Generative AI to transform your business. Key learnings:

✅ Unlock AI’s Potential in HR : Jump into the exciting world of AI with a focus on transforming Human Resources. Learn how ChatGPT can revolutionise recruitment, employee engagement and performance management. Master AI in HR to make every HR process more efficient and impactful.

✅ Navigate the AI Revolution Ethically : Tackle the ethical challenge of AI integration head-on. From data privacy to cultural sensitivities, our masterclass equips you with strategies to harness AI ‘s power responsibly and effectively in HR practices.

✅ Design Tomorrow’s HR Solutions Today : Get hands-on experience in designing AI-driven HR solutions that tackle real-world challenges. Through collaborative projects and stimulation sessions, transform your understanding of AI into practical, innovative tools for the HR domain.

Speaker details: Peter Ong (Enterprise AI & Sales Trainer)

Peter emerged as a trailblazing figure in Generative AI training in 2023, particularly within the Asia-Pacific (AP) region. His groundbreaking work and innovative approaches propelled him to the forefront of AI development, garnering recognition for his contributions to advancing the field. Through tireless dedication and expertise, Peter’s pioneering efforts significantly influenced the trajectory of Generative AI research and application in the AP region, leaving a lasting impact on the landscape of artificial intelligence.

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