ABCs to Navigating Rough Seas

It is inevitable COVID-19 has halted most economic activities. Disruption on supply chain, soft demand for products, unfavourable financial standings are just some of the issues business owners are going through. 
Has your business been derailed because of COVID-19? 
Join us for this FREE 2 part online seminar series to align your business back to normal. Each session will introduce a concept or tool along with a case study to help you revive your business survival.
Session 1: Agility to Pivot The Business
What to expect:

  • Capturing new customer basins
  • Moving up and down the value chain to remain competitive
  • Capitalizing on technology during tough times to remain productive 

Session 2: Building a Robust Business Model & Creatively Managing Cashflow 
What to expect:

  • Explore different business revenues and pricing models
  • Hunt as a pack 
  • Product & service bundling 
  • Cashflow & resource planning-prioritisation
  • Having the right time perspective 
  • Closing deals and creating smart value based discounts

Join us for the free webinars to navigate your business towards sustainability and propel growth. Pick up survival strategies from Dr Raj Kumar, CEO of UCSI Consulting Group to help you stay focused in this trying time. 
Who can benefit from this:

  • SMEs
  • Business / Retail owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Decision makers
  • Micro enterprise owners

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